Photo A

  • Back them up to the Cloud, Flickr or Dropbox and DVDs.
    • Don’t think that the DVDs will last forever. Remember the floppy disks? Don’t let your photos get stuck on obsolete storage media: Transfer them to new media as technology advances. You’ll also want to keep tabs on available file formats for digital photos, and if necessary, save your pictures in new formats so they’ll be accessible to your relatives in the future.
    • Thinking that in the Cloud will be safe? The Cloud is not safe from Hacking or the companies that host it or going bankrupt.
    • Have the very special images (not every one) printed on archival paper with archival ink (don’t have them printed by your local drug store or on hour home printer).
    • Keep the unedited files.

Keep your most your most treasured memories in one area to make it easy to grab them if you have to evacuate. Just put your safety first.